An outline of
CSR activities

Safety and Security Activities

1. Introduction of Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS)

We are implementing the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) that was introduced in FY2013, and are working as a company to implement the PDCA cycle to create a safe and secure workplace and develop human resources.

Certification of Head Office and Chitose Plant
▲Certification of Head Office and Chitose Plant
Certification of Tomakomai Plant
▲Certification of Tomakomai Plant

2. Expansion of Dyland

Dyland provides a variety of experiential training programs to improve safety awareness among each employee.

3. Developing safe people and workplaces

We conduct various safety, health, and fire prevention training programs within the company to develop safe personnel, and we are working to create a safe workplace by strengthening risk assessment, which is the basis of OSHMS.
In recent years, we have been focusing on various countermeasure activities based on the president's strong determination to "never allow serious accidents to occur."

Risk assessment leader training
▲Risk assessment leader training
Initial firefighting training for new recruits
▲Initial firefighting training for new recruits
Safety training using VR
▲Safety training using VR

4. Joint focus on safety management with cooperating companies

The Dynax Safety Association, which is made up of construction suppliers, works with Dynax to carry out various safety activities to eliminate accidents.

Holding of regular general meetings
▲Holding of regular general meetings
Long Holiday Safety Patrol
▲Long Holiday Safety Patrol

5. Traffic safety and fall accident prevention

Fall accidents are common nationwide, and injuries tend to become serious. In Hokkaido in particular, there are many fall accidents during the winter, so at Dynax, the entire company is working together to implement various measures with the goal of "zero fall accidents during the winter."

Morning Sentry Enlightenment
▲Morning Sentry Enlightenment
Deployment of winter equipment
▲Deployment of
winter equipment
Concentrated sand wrapping on walkways
▲Concentrated sand
wrapping on walkways
Education using hands-on equipment
▲Education using hands-on equipment

In terms of traffic safety, we also provide classroom and practical training to prevent traffic accidents among new employees who are unfamiliar with driving.

Classroom education
▲Classroom education
Driving simulator training
▲Driving simulator training