Corporate Profile

We provide high quality products
from Hokkaido to the world.

Company Outline

HQ / ChitoseThe name "Dynax" was chosen from among the many names suggested to us by our own employees.
Dynax is a blend of "dynamic" and "X" which represents the unknown, in this case "the future".
Thus, Dynax stands for a company that soars high towards the future dynamically.

Company name Dynax Corporation
Establishment June, 1973
Capital 500,000,000 JPY
President Makoto Ogawa
Workforce 1,301 
employees (As of March 2024)
Sales (consolidated) 77.9 Billion JPY
(Fiscal year ended March 2024)
Nature of Business Production and sale of wet-type friction plates, reaction plates, etc for passenger cars, heavy-duty vehicles and ships.
Sales Office
  • Headquarters
    1053-1 Kamiosatsu, Chitose, Hokkaido 066-0077 Japan
    TEL+81(123)24-3247 FAX+81(123)49-2050
  • Nagoya Sales Office
    Tosho Bldg. 2nd Floor, 1-16-5 Mikawaanjo-cho, Anjo-shi, Aichi, 446-0056
    TEL +81-566-72-0590 FAX +81-566-72-7015
  • Shizuoka Sales Office
    RICOH Solutions Higashi Shizuoka Bldg. 2nd Floor, 6-20 Aratajima-cho, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka, 417-0043
    TEL +81-545-54-0866 FAX +81-545-54-0862
  • U.S.A. (Sales Office)
    Dynax America Corporation Detroit Office

    8601 Haggerty Rd.S.Belleville, MI 48111 U.S.A.
    TEL +1(734)751-0008
  • EXEDY DYNAX Europe Ltd.
    Stuttgart Representative Office

    Leitzstraße. 45,70469 Stuttgart, Germany
    TEL +49(170)7039-023