An outline of
CSR activities

Coexistence with Society

Aiming to be a company that is open to employees and local communities, we are promoting various initiatives involving employees both inside and outside the company in order to promote environmental and social contribution activities.

Cleaning activities around the plant

Every year, all employees in the Tomakomai District participate in the 'Tomatoh Community Cleanup' organized by Tomatoh Co., Ltd. and the 'Tomakomai City Zero Garbage Cleanup Day' organized by Tomakomai City.

Dynax Children's Club Flowerbed

We plant flowers on the premises around July every year to entertain the eyes of our customers and employees.
In 2019, we received the Excellence Award in the flowerbed section (kindergarten category) at the "32nd Flower Contest" organized by the Chitose Environment and Greenery Foundation.

Children's Club Flowerbed