An outline of
CSR activities


Environment Policy

Environmental Vision

We will aim to develop in harmony with the environment throughout our business activities and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Basic Policy

We, each employee, are aware of impact of our business activities on environment, and will work to reduce environmental burdens with awareness and responsibility as a member of society.

  1. Contributing to the Realization of a Decarbonized Society
    We will aim to reduce a quantity of greenhouse gas emissions not only within our own company, but throughout our supply chain, with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality.
  2. Contribution to the realization of a Sound Material-Cycle Society
    We promote efficient use and recycling of raw materials, energy, and water without waste, and also proper management and reduction of waste.
  3. Pollution Prevention and Chemical Substance Management
    We will comply with laws, regulations, and rules regarding water quality preservation, air pollution prevention, and other pollution prevention in general, and also will appropriately manage chemical substances used in our company and contained in our products.
  4. Conservation of Biodiversity
    We are aware results of our environmental management activities will have an impact on biodiversity, and will manege our business activities with this in mind.
  5. Continuous Improvement of Environmental Management System
    In order to realize our environmental policy, we will continuously improve our environmental management system by reviewing our activities based on our goals and plans.
  6. Education, Cooperation and Communication
    We will promote environmental education and awareness building activities to raise environmental awareness of each and every employee.
    We will also disclose our environmental initiatives, including this Environment Policy, both internally and externally, and cooperate with our stakeholders, including partner companies and local communities, to realize our Environment Policy.

Kazuhiro Ito
DYNAX Corporation
April 1, 2022