An outline of
CSR activities


Standards for Employee Conduct

Our moral codes as a member of society to customers, society, information and colleagues, are as follows.

1. Sincere response to customers

We listen to our customers' opinions and quickly reflect them in our actions and operations.

2. Establishing a safe workplace

Based on the safety declaration of "Safety First", we will establish a safe workplace that observes laws and safety and health rules in order to realize zero accidents.

3. Compliance with quality standards

In order to provide the best products that satisfy our customers, we manufacture with a quality control system adhering to the basic rules and in compliance with quality standards.

4. Appropriate relationship with customers and business partners

We shall not offer gifts or entertainment to our customers beyond the bounds of common sense. Nor shall we accept gifts or entertainment from our partners.

5. Compliance and respect for laws and regulations

As a member of society, we will comply with and respect laws, social norms and corporate ethics in our corporate activities and personal life.

6. Respect for human rights

We will respect the human rights of each individual and will not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, creed, religion, physical disability, etc.

7. Rejection of anti-social forces

We will reject antisocial forces in both corporate activities and private life.

8. Prohibition of sexual harassment, power harassment, etc.

As a healthy working environment that respects human rights, we will not engage in sexual harassment or power harassment in any way.

9. Contribution to society

As a company that is a member of the local community, we will actively promote social contribution activities. Each employee strives to interact with the community.

10. Environmentally friendly business activities

In order to protect the global environment, we will proactively make environmentally friendly efforts in all our business activities.

11. Strict adherence to confidentiality

Confidential information obtained in the course of business is used only for the business of the company and is strictly managed. We will strictly adhere to confidentiality obligations and will not use it for our won purposes or third parties.

12. Protection of personal information

We will thoroughly protect and manage personal information, and we will not disclose personal information that we have obtained in the course of our duties.

13. Protection of intellectual property rights

We will do our utmost to protect intellectual property rights, which are the lifeline of our business activities, and we will take great care not to infringe on the rights of other companies.

14. Establish good communication

We establish good communication, listen to innovative remarks / assertions and individual ideas, and aim to be a group where everyone can say what they really think.