An outline of
CSR activities

Environmental Conservation

In order to preserve the global environment, we have actively been striving to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, reduce wastes and reuse resources.

Adoption of gas cogeneration system

We introduced a gas cogeneration system at the Chitose plant and achieved energy saving of 7% along with related efforts. In 2003, we were honored with the 1st Hokkaido Energy Conservation Promotion Award.

Introduction of solar power generation

Tomakomai Plant introduces solar power generation and is working on utilization of renewable energy.

Replacement with LED lighting

We are proactively pursuing to replace current lighting system with low-power-consumption and low-CO2-emission LED lighting for both factory and office.

Utilization of exhaust heat from production processes

Introducing an exhaust gas boiler, we reuse waste heat generated during impregnation processes for heating and production lines to reduce gas consumption

※ An impregnation process is the process of immersing friction material base paper in resin and baking it.

Improvement of friction material yield

The friction material used in a clutch disk, one of our main products, used to mainly be punched out in a ring shape from raw sheets, but now it is increasingly punched out into small pieces (dots) and assembled on to a disk per its specification.
By adopting this method, material yield has been dramatically improved, contributing to the reduction of waste. In addition, with these products, we can respond to customers' various detailed demands for performance and characteristics, and, in turn, are also helping to improve the fuel economy of our customers' vehicles.
For conventional ring shape, material yield is improved by punching multi rings with different diameters at the same time in nesting.