Corporate Profile

We provide high quality products
from Hokkaido to the world.


"Create a worplace where normalities and abnormalities are clearly visible in order to eliminate all unstable elements"

Basic Principle

While maintaining a customer perspective, we aim to further improve the quality so that we can provide products with quality that satisfies and exceeds the expectations of our customers. "Continue to be a partner trusted by customers" is DYNAX's greatest goal and mission.

Basic Policy

  1. In order to improve customer satisfaction, we strive to build an even better quality system and keep improving it.
  2. We listen to our customers and solve problems faster than they expect.
  3. We thoroughly analyse the cause when a defect occurs and also improve the operating process to prevent recurrence.
  4. We guarantee the quality of each product by maintaining and improving the level of zone control and process capability.
  5. By establishing zero defect activities and small group activities, we achieve "zero defects" and "zero unstable elements".
  6. We achieve the same quality worldwide though the establishment of global quality assurance system.

May 20, 2024
Makoto Ogawa