Corporate Policy

Corporate Policy

Dynax America Corporation’s philosophy is to provide the best products at competitive prices to all of our customers, while at the same time providing our employees and community with a safe, stable environment based on our global motto Focus on Basics, and by carrying out 5S5T1 and Pika Pika2 activities at the workplace.

Our Quality Policy strives for the production of zero defects. Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and to continually work on improvement activities. By focusing on reducing defects and improving processes, we can cut costs to remain competitive and provide savings to our customers.

Our Safety Policy is meant to ensure that all people working within our group, including employees, contractors, and visitors, are focused on safety at the workplace as well as outside of the workplace. By using monthly employee safety meetings, we provide information that enables employees to think and act safely outside of work as well as when they are here. The well-being of our employees ensures our success and growth.

Our Environmental Policy complies with all government regulations and customer requirements. More specifically, we continuously improve processes to reduce their impact on the environment, and we act as good neighbors by supporting our community in any of its activities to improve the environment.

1 5S5T = Seiri (Organization), Seiton (Tidiness), Seisou (Cleanliness), Seiketsu (Immaculate Workplace), Shitsuke (Discipline), Teii (Designated Position), Teiryou (Designated Amount), Teiji (Designated Time), Teishi (Expected Appearance), Teishitsu (Designated Quality)

2 Pika Pika = A spotless workplace, so clean that it looks like its shining

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