Health and Security Policy

Safety and Security activities

Safety and Security policy

Basic Policy

We shall put the safety, security and health of our colleagues first.
We shall create the happiness of employees and the future of the company by the safe monodzukuri, the keeping of social rules and the sincere concern for our colleagues.

Three guides for Safety and Security

Safety first by keeping the law and internal rules
We shall make our colleagues safe and healthy by establishing the prevention standard of dangers based on the law and internal rules, making the responsible system clear and fixing the climate of strictly following rules.
Safe and comfortable workplaces
We shall continuously promote the spontaneous safety activities and prevent the working accidents.
We shall improve the working environment for comfortable workplaces.
Working environment where all the employees work with security and health
We shall enhance the sensibility to the safety by having the habit of danger foreseeing.
We shall make our workplaces sound by taking physical and mental care of the employees.

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