Environmental Vision


Environmental Vision

Basic philosophy

We shall protect global environment through product development with ecological concern and contribute to the society.
We shall maintain the most effective environmental control system and promote the production activity utilizing materials efficiently not to give bad influences on the environment.

Basic Policy

  1. We shall recognize the influence on the environment caused by the production for automotive, construction and industrial clutch plates and continuously undertake the prevention and improvement.
  2. We shall follow the restrictions and regulations by the environmental laws and the internal rules, prevent the pollution and preserve the global environment such as mitigation of climate change, adaptation to climate change, conservation of biodiversity and ecological system.
  3. We shall utilize raw material and energy(including for logistics) effectively, improve the control system of emission and shall reduce industrial waste and make effective use of resources through 3R activities(Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) of waste.
  4. We shall continuously improve the environmental control system by planning to achieve our goal, doing, regularly checking and acting.
  5. We shall educate the environmental awareness to all the employees, manufacturing parties, and suppliers for the improvement of the awareness throughout our supply chain.
  6. We shall disclose this basic policy to the public.

Kazuhiro Ito
President, Dynax Corp.

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