Actions standard

Our moral codes as a member of society to customers, society, information and colleagues, are as follows.

1. Faithful correspondence to the customers

We shall listen to the voice of the customers and utilize it for the change of actions.

2. Keeping of quality standard

We shall keep the quality standard and procedure provided and manufacture the products by the quality control system for the safe and best suited product to the customer.

3. Appropriate relationship with the customers and business partners

We shall not give a gift or entertainment to the customer beyond common sense.
We shall not receive a gift or entertainment from the partner.

4. Actions keeping the law

We shall keep all the law and rules in business activities as a member of society.

5. Environmentally friendly business activity

We shall do environmentally friendly activities in all the business fields against global warming.

6. Contribution to our society

We shall support the activities of traffic safety, culture, and welfare and participate in the local activities.

7. Duty of confidentiality

We shall keep the secret information confidential and use the information only for the business purpose, never for ourselves or the third party.

8. Security for personal information

We shall secure the personal information and never leak it in business activities.

9. Protection of intellectual property right

We shall understand that the intellectual property right is the lifeline of business activities and make sure to protect the right. We shall prudentially pay attention not to violate other companies' intellectual property rights.

10. Respect for individuality

We shall value "unique to Dynax", listen to innovative opinions and individual thinking ways, and talk to each other with underlying motive.

11. Respect for human rights

We shall respect individual human rights and not discriminate irrationally by the reason of sex, age, nationality, race, people, principle, religion, disability and so on.

12. Prohibition on sexual harassment and power harassment

We shall not do any sexual harassment for healthy working environment, nor do any power harassment by authority.

13. Safe workplace

We shall obey regulations and rules to keep our workplaces no accident and do business considering our safety.

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